The only MUST HAVE iPhone app for small businesses.

Selling Price

No matter what you sell, and why your selling it, the Selling Price Calculator will give you confidence that the price you sell at is the price thats going to meet those margins.

Profit Margins

If you've ever watched Dragons Den, you will know that many small business owners and entrepreneurs dont understand the difference between margins and markup. If your one of those people 2 simple entries into the Selling Price Calculator can remove the worry and the headache, whenever and wherever you are.


Do you have to charge VAT/GST/Sales Tax, or even have to apply commission? Well by entering a VAT % into the Selling price Calculator you can rest assured that the final selling price will include the amounts you need to pass on and never affect your margins.

Markup %

Dont understand percentages? Is applying a markup % a daunting prospect? Enter your wholesale costs and your desired markup % and the Selling Price Calculator will handle rest for you. Giving you the confidence to apply the prices you deserve.

Save your Calculations

No need to need to remember or re-enter calculations. With the Selling Price Calculator once you've entered them in once you can save them to your calculated items and view or change them at any time.

Just by entering two known or estimated values you can quickly calculate optimum Selling Price, Gross Profit Margin, Gross Profit Margin %, and if you have to charge VAT/Sales Tax, simply enter the % and a final selling price including VAT and the amount collected is automatically calculated.

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